Music Buzz : Maroon 5 “Hands All Over”


For their latest pop-rock opus, Maroon 5 headed overseas and into the arms of Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Shania Twain, Nickelback). The band made a getaway to Switzerland, the super-producer’s home base, where they worked on their upcoming LP, Hands All Over. And the serene backdrop was just the great escape they needed, frontman Adam Levine says.

“Our biggest weakness is laziness and lack of focus, which mostly comes from me, because I am like that,” Levine confessed when MTV News visited the set of Maroon 5’s “Misery” video. “But the coolest thing about being [in] Switzerland, we weren’t distracted at all. There was nothing to be distracted by, except scenery, which was very beautiful. But once you kind of took all that in, you were left with your own thoughts.”

Maroon 5’s new, Joseph Kahn-directed “Misery” video is many things — almost all of which are violent.

“The cool thing is, when Joseph wrote the treatment … after reading a few sentences, I thought it was really amazing,” M5 frontman Adam Levine told MTV News on the set of the video. “Because it kind of turns the whole idea of the sexual energy between two people — a guy and a girl, a music video, you’ve seen that a million times — that exists in this video, but it’s turning it on its ass and having the girl be the more domineering one who’s trying to kill me.”

“We decided to focus on violence instead of sex this time around,” bassist Mickey Madden added.

“We like to switch it up,” Levine joked. “The next one will be about drugs.”

” ‘Misery’ is about … the desperation of wanting someone really badly in your life but having it be very difficult. Kind of what all the songs I write are about,” he smiled. “I’m not treading on new ground, but I think a lot of people — including myself — deal with that all the time. Relationships are difficult, and it’s good therapy to write about them.”

And while the “Misery” video is a new look for the band, the song itself — the first single from their upcoming Hands All Over album, which hits stores September 21 — mines familiar territory. Set over a decidedly funky beat, it’s Levine documenting the decay of yet another relationship, something that even he will admit has become his bread and butter in recent years.

Gallery : “Misery” Video Preview

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