Music Buzz : Diana Vickers

Diana Vickers, who is already one of the breakthrough artists of the year, is soon to release her second single, The Boy Who Murdered Love, through RCA Records on July 12th.

The Boy Who Murdered Love was, like most of the songs on Diana’s album, co-written by the Blackburn native, this time with Chris Braide, and is typical of Diana’s sophisticated and mature approach to pop. Explaining the song, Diana said “The boy who murdered love sounds uptempo but it’s got a dark meaning behind it. It’s about when you’ve been madly in love with someone and your world has been so beautiful but then they break your heart and ruin the whole concept of love for you. The beautiful boy you once adored has now murdered love. ”

Diana’s recording career has seen her get off to an absolutely incredible start. Both Diana’s album, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree, and her first single, Once, entered the UK charts at #1, and came hot on the heels of Diana receiving rave reviews for her starring role in the West End Musical, Little Voice.

Courtesy : noiseaddiction


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