Miley Cyrus : Work Hard, Party Hard !

She met her last boyfriend on the set of a movie, so you can see why romantic scenes from Miley Cyrus’s latest film will have tongues wagging.

The seventeen-year-old singer and actress cosied up to LOL: Laughing Out Loud co-star Douglas Booth on an open-topped Paris bus.

The public display of affection was purely for the rolling cameras, but the two teenagers certainly made an attractive couple.

At one point Miley’s on-screen boyfriend Douglas Booth picked her up as they stood in a huge pool of water.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene have also started filming together and by the looks of things, the girls are having a fantastic time.

Along with their cast mates, the pair got soaked to the skin today after taking the plunge in the fountains at the Trocadero.

But it looks as if Miley’s strong disapproval of the Twilight movies is not affecting her relationship with Ashley, who landed in Paris over the weekend.

The girls were spotted tucking in to dinner together last night at the Palais de Tokyo.

They were even dressing alike in black vinyl trousers and black shirts, although Miley wore yet another lacy see-through top, as they went out clubbing on Saturday night.

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Courtesy : DailyMail


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