Daisy Lowe : White Bra Exposed !

At the height of London fashion week, people might expect any gorgeous model worth her salt to be at their chic and trendy best at all times.

But Daisy Lowe likes to play things her own way and turned out very casual for drinks at the Groucho last night to join Kate Moss after her Longchamp bash.

But in what can only be described as a rookie mistake, the model’s white bra was all too visible – underneath her black top.

Even at 21, a model with her experience should be only too aware of the embarrassment a photographer’s flash bulb can bring.

Daisy, who is dating Doctor Who star Matt Smith, was snapped arriving at members’ bar The Groucho Club for drinks with Kate Moss, who was also there after hosting a launch for Longchamp.

However, being the fashionista she is, it can never be ruled out that it was a deliberate ploy to shake things up a bit.

Or maybe she ran out of black bras and had to settle on what was clean in her lingerie drawer.

Courtesy : DailyMail


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