Gwen Stefani : ‘Abs-olutely’ Fabulous Wax Figure !

A smiling Gwen Stefani gets all excited as she meets her new $300,000 waxwork in Las Vegas.

So presumably, the singer-turned fashion-designer had overlooked the fact that sculptors have added extra inches to her life-like model.

The waxwork of the 40-year-old mother of two has actually been made two percent larger than the star is in real life.

However, the artists behind the dummy were not being intentionally mean.

Rather, the waxwork has been made bigger to allow for shrinkage in the Nevada desert climate, according to celebrity blogger Robin Leach of Las Vegas Weekly.

Gwen was on hand today for the unveiling ceremony at Madame Tussaud’s in Las Vegas.

She dressed for the occasion in incredibly short colourful dress teamed with black tights and killer heels.

Meanwhile her waxwork has been suited in a crop top, showing off a green bra underneath and toned stomach, teamed with trousers and knee high lace up boots.

It took nearly six months from Gwen’s first private sitting to create the figure, and more than 250 measurements and photographs were taken at a total cost of $300,000.

Courtesy : DailyMail


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One Response to Gwen Stefani : ‘Abs-olutely’ Fabulous Wax Figure !

  1. modelly says:

    She is absolutely gorgeus!

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