Rihanna : Fierce Fashionista In Europe !

“The Reinvention Rihanna” is Billboard’s latest cover story, which notes she has notched 23 Billboard Hot 100 hits—16 of which have reached the top 10, and seven went all the way to No. 1. Pon de Airplay!!!

The article reveals that in the next couple of weeks, Ri will soon kick off a viral campaign to search for the “loudest fan in the world”. (Her first single off of her new album Loud is called “Only Girl In The World“.)

On Friday (October 8), Rihanna  walks out of her hotel wearing a sweater with owls and birds on it while in Paris, France for Fashion Week.

Ready for another day of taking in the latest looks in the City of Lights,  Rihanna stepped out in Paris, France on Thursday (October 7).

Looking adorable in a matching ensemble complete with a lacy bow, the Barbadian beauty ventured over to the Jean Paul Gaultier for a special appointment to get things started.

Looking to check out the latest fashion trends, Rihanna  was spotted arriving at the Miu Miu Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show as a part of Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday (October 6).

Joined by her baseball star beau Matt Kemp, the “Shut Up and Drive” singer donned an adorable designer dress paired with the rather interesting combination of socks and heels as she coyly smiled for cameras before heading inside.

Rihanna unleashed her inner beast, donning a fun pair of leopard-print stockings while stepping out of her hotel on Saturday (October 2) in London, England.

Also continuing to sport her bright red coif, RiRi recently dished on how much she loves her attention-grabbing hairdo.

She tells, “I love my new hair color. It is loud and liberating and it grabs a lot of attention I have to say — whether it is positive or negative.”

The 22-year-old adds, “I do get picked out by people a lot more now — whereas before there was more chance I could slip away unnoticed. But I love it. I don’t know why but I just really like it. It is expressive and daring and it is also just fun to have your hair be a ridiculous color.”


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