Mischa Barton : ‘Music Box’ Night !

Looking a bit worn out from a late night on the town, a bare-faced  Mischa Barton was spotted in West Hollywood, CA on Sunday (October 18).

The former “OC” star happened to be heading back home after watching South African hip-hop band Die Antwoord perform at the Music Box.

She’s also always been an animal lover, and  Mischa Barton was spotted chilling out at the Pup-Peroni Couch Talk Event yesterday (October 14) in Encino, Calfornia.

The “Beautiful Life” babe took her pooch pal with her as she mingled around the Balboa Sports Center while the paparazzi looked on.

In a recent interview, Ms. Barton revealed that she struggles with depression, though she copes by surrounding herself with friends who love her.

“As much as I get down, I’m an upbeat person. People always think of me as kind of a light in a room. I love to make people laugh.”


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