Lady Gaga : Palais Royal ‘Pantless’ !

Never shy when it comes to her clothing choices, Lady Gaga showed off her derriere as she ventured out in Paris, France on Tuesday (December 21).

Wearing a black jacket overtop a lingerie ensemble with black fishnet stockings, the “Poker Face” singer was escorted over to the ‘Bruce Field’ store at Palais Royal for a bit of City of Lights shopping.

On Thursday (December 20), Lady Gaga was spotted out for some food. The “Just Dance” diva stepped out of her chauffeured car in a grey Victorian dress and headed inside Chez Andre while fans and photographers gathered around her.

Gaga was scheduled to play a concert in the City of Lights last night, too, but bad weather forced her to cancel.

On Monday (December 17), Lady Gaga was spotted leaving her hotel in London, England. The “Paparazzi” songstress donned a black and white getup as she strolled off to the O2 Arena ahead of tonight’s performance.


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