Hilary Swank : InStyle ‘Icon’ January

Hilary Swank looks sexy and sophisticated on the cover of InStyle UK magazine’s January 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 36-year-old actress had to share:

On being stylish on a budget: “People around me laugh because I still have a deep understanding of what a dollar gets you and how far to make that dollar go. No wonder my closet is a hodgepodge. I have everything from Louboutins to Payless. From Gap to designer stuff. You don’t have to have a brand name on to be stylish. You can mix it all together and it works.”

On divorce: “A lot of people look at divorce as a failure. I really looked at my relationship with Chad [Lowe, her ex husband] as 14 years of success. I will carry him in my heart forever. He’s part of me… Friends of mine and I talk about this. Does someone come into your life for a certain time, and then you are supposed to go your separate ways? There’s a part of me that thinks that’s true. We have friendships that we grow out of. But I believe in the long haul. I believe in having a monogamous relationship.”


Christina Aguilera : ‘Figure Out’ On Redbook

A fresh faced Christina Aguilera covers Redbook magazine’s December 2010 issue.

Here’s what the 29-year-old Burlesque star had to share:

On girl power: “Every woman has the ability or the drive to do it all and have it all. Men aren’t as strong and capable as we are. We’re machines.”

On balancing work and motherhood: “My life is cyclical. First it’s album time, then it’s touring time. I go through phases, so we roll with the punches. I’m not a 9-to-5 woman who has the same kind of lifestyle for years on end. I couldn’t do it. I need the spontaneity, that thrill of change. That’s part of how I get inspired. You know, this is what the cards have in store for Max. We put it into his brain early on that he’s a traveling guy. He adapts well when we go from hotel to hotel.”

Close friend Nicole Richie, on Christina: “It’s very clear through Christina’s music what a strong woman she is. But to watch her as a mother only skyrockets the respect I have for her. She is the woman who’s recording until 4 a.m. and up at 7 to be with her son. Her dedication to Max is incredible.”

Christina Aguilera is also InStyle UK’s magazine’s December covergirl, and looks gorgeous in the photoshoot inside. She chatted to the mag about her new movie Burlesque, her style and her sexuality—here are some excerpts from her interview:

Christina on her style and signature red lips: “I was jealous of all the boys on Burlesque because they always had combat boots, but they’d never come in my size . . . Not everything has to be pushed up and out . . . I like to keep my options going. I get bored with the same old thing . . . It’s become my thing, you know? One of my signatures . . . It’s such an accent, red being a favourite colour of mine, throughout the house. You can see red touches everywhere, from the hangers to the chandeliers, to the accents in the carpets.”

Christina on her sexuality: “That’s where the bondage and latex came in for Not Myself Tonight, because sexuality is such a freedom. Sexuality is where I feel a lot of times I get to express my voice. Throughout the ages, women are always shamed for it or labelled for it and so it makes me feel empowered to give it a voice and to stand up for it and to be strong about it.”

On Sunday (November 21), Christina Aguilera and her new beau Matthew Rutler hold hands as they step out of their hotel in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old entertainer was on her way to the American Music Awards, where she performed “Express,” from her movie Burlesque.

On Wednesday (November 17), Christina Aguilera performed “Bound to You,” a ballad she wrote for her film Burlesque, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The 29-year-old singer and actress also sat down to discuss her new life as a single mom since splitting with husband Jordan Bratman.

“It’s hard, definitely. It’s hard just even being a working mom and trying to balance and juggle everything on your plate,” Christina said.

Nicole Richie : InStyle October ‘Domestic’

Nicole struck some gorgeous poses in her photoshoot for InStyle magazine, and landed the cover of the October issue. Inside she talks about her past, taking responsibility, regrets and her children Harlow and Sparrow. Here are some extracts:

On the past:
“One thing about me is that I’ve always taken responsibility for my own actions whether they’re good or bad. Even when I was going through my tough time, that was a situation that I created. People ask me, do I blame Hollywood or my parents? No I don’t blame my parents. It had nothing to do with them. I created it and manifested it and I got myself through it with the help of a lot of great people.”

On pregnancy:
“Being pregnant with Harlow was easy. I was wearing heels for eight months. I never got sick and I was like, ‘Oh, what are people talking about?’ But with Sparrow, I was so sick. And my feet were swelling. They were polar opposite pregnancies.”

On Harlow:
“She picks her own clothes. It’s a 20-minute thing—it begins at 7.30 each morning—but it is what it is and it’s fine.”

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Rachel Bilson : InStyle UK September ‘Goddess’


Rachel Bilson graces the cover of the September 2010 issue of Instyle UK. In the interview, Rachel discusses the OC, body image, weight, fashion and wedding dresses.

On Weight and Body Image: “You know what I hate? … the amount of attention that is put on weight and body image. It is so backwards and sends out the wrong message. ‘What do you eat? Do you work out?’ It’s not what young girls should be stressing about. They look up to these actresses and read about plastic surgery and what they do and don’t eat. I eat, I love food, I wanna eat when I wanna eat. If you are not feeling good about yourself, then you work out. But you do it for you.”

On Designing a Fashion Collection: “I would love to do some more designing, but only if I could do it properly. I think Sienna Miller’s clothing line with her sister [Twenty8Twelve] is really clever and the Olsen twins make great clothes with The Row and Elizabeth and James. They are examples of talented people who have done it right. Some people just put their name on stuff, but those guys are authentic and know what they are doing because they have good taste. That’s the difference.”

On The OC and Mischa Barton: “I do miss Summer terribly. The OC was the most phenomenal time. I saw Mischa at Cannes, but I honestly miss everyone from the show. I do fall out of cars, but not because I am drunk, but because I am clumsy. I think the girls who come to fame younger fall into all that [partying], but I did it before I became famous. I mean, I was 21 when The OC started, Mischa was 16. I can’t imagine dealing with that kind of success at that age. My life may have been very different if I had started out that young.”

On Her Chanel Wedding Dress Wish: “I am a Chanel girl until I die. I have a real Chanel wedding dress wish. I guess a girl can dream.”



On Tuesday (August 10), newly single Rachel Bilson runs errands in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress paired her Express floral shorts with a Levi’s Trucker Jacket in Flirty finish.

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